a mngo creation

Our Story

Our story had started in summer of 2011, when our physics teacher given us task of making a project model for science exhbition, going to be held in our school campus. There Aditya Suman, have created a security system based of simple elecrical circuits which can be used for security purposes in many places. That was a security system that allow us on entering the right password, and activate the buzzer on entering just a single wrong input. The name of that device was m@ngo security gadget.

After one year we were a team of 6 members and participated in Children Science Congress, organised by government of India. In this project we had generated elecrical energy from kinetic energy using the kinetic energy of vehicles moving on roads. We reached at state level with our science model, but unfortunately we failed to reach national level. Next year we participated again but again failed to reach national level.

Later on, Aditya Suman along with Rishav Raj thought to create a computer company and change the name of the team to im@ngo science from m@ngo as we are very much influenced by Steve Jobs. Then for two years, we were inactive and our team get detached. Then we reunion with a new name and new idea and decide to start again with a new impression.

About Us

MNgo is an idea that need wings to make it fly. Basically a team, whose aim is to change the way we live today. Here we bring imagination into reality. The first achievement was at first, and for a time, but a dream. MNgo also started as a part of a dream. Intially there were 6 members in the team but unfortunately from them only 2 are in team now.

We do Graphics Designing, Web Development, 3D Designing, Poster Designing, Photo Editing, Photography & Video Editing.

Old Logo

Our old logo was combination of M and A, M for MNgo and A for Aditya (founder of MNgo). That logo was also good but did not express the motto and terms related with the idea of MNgo.

About New Logo

Our new logo is combination of all the letters of MNgo which can be noticed on observing the logo from various sides and different angles. The polygonal shaped spots of different shades of cyan on logo shows the futuristic idea of MNgo i.e we are always updated with the latest designs, animations, layouts, computer languages, color combinations, 3D Depth, layers, themes, looks, creatives, etc whose image can be seen in our work in Web Development, Graphics Designing, 3D Designing, Video Editing and Photography.

Our Mission

We don't believe in globalisation, we believe in technology and quality work. All hard work and focus is to go from zero to one.
Inspired by many true stories and learned form a number of mistakes and life accidents. We will never quit and never left our mission in the mid-way. MNgo will never be a part of an uncompleted story.
There will be haters, doubters, non-believers, and then there will be we, proving them wrong.

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